Grant Recipient: CHS Science Department

Kelly Rodak is a Chemistry teacher at CHS and head of the Science Department.  Jeremy Hanson is a Physics, Chemistry, and Digital Electronics teacher.  The CHS Science Department was awarded grants to purchase electronic balances and LabQuest devices for classroom use. 

Mrs. Kelly Rodak

“Thanks to a generous grant from the Academic Foundation, the Science Department was able to purchase electronic balances for all of the Biology classrooms and complete a set for a third Chemistry room.  Before we made the purchase, 13 teachers had to share 14 balances between 12 classrooms.  Many times, teachers would choose to skip a lab or activity because of the difficulty in planning to share equipment.  Now that we have the balances, teachers never have to think twice about adjusting curriculum and freshmen through seniors are getting maximum exposure to lab settings each year.”

Mr. Jeremy Hanson

“An academic foundation grant purchased several LabQuest devices for our Science Department.  While these devices are primarily used in Physics, they are shared among all of the science teachers.  These devices allow us to collect data with greater accuracy and precision than was previously possible.  Without these devices, we would be unable to perform many of the labs and activities we do.  The Foundation’s grant is allowing us to have students work in smaller lab groups and get a more personal hands-on experience in their classes.”