Grant Recipient: Mr. Matt Pruett

Matt Pruett is an English teacher at Columbine High School.  He was awarded a grant for College Board’s AP Institute Training.

Mr. Matt Pruett

“In the spring semester of 2015, I applied for and received a grant from Columbine’s Academic Foundation. This grant enabled me to attend the AP Summer Institute at Cherry Creek High School. Having a chance to attend such an event was an excellent opportunity to help keep my practice current and innovative. I attended the five-day seminar and worked with incredible AP presenters and became part of an inspiring community of teachers who were also interested in extending their knowledge and skills.

Once completed, I applied the new ideas and strategies to my classroom, and two years later I still find myself returning to my AP materials for strategies and content to use in my Sophomore Honors English class. I know that my students leave my class well prepared for the English classes they will take, whether it is an AP course or not. I have strongly recommended this training to my colleagues as the best experience outside of semester-long graduate classes. The problem with such trainings is that the price is somewhat prohibitive, and this is why these generous grants from the Academic Foundation are so valuable for teachers who are serious about enhancing their role as an educator.”