Grant Recipient: Mr. Cris Welsh

Cris Welsh is a Social Studies teacher at Columbine High School.  He was awarded a grant for College Board’s AP Institute Training.

Mr. Cris Welsh

“I applied for an Academic Foundation grant during the spring of 2016 so that I could attend the AP Institute and Clinic that following summer.  AP World History had just announced some very substantial changes to the Exam at the end of the coming year. I had read a great deal about the changes in the literature published by the College Board itself and still felt as if I had very little idea what to truly expect for the following year.  Attending the clinic was the only way to guarantee that I would still be able to put my students in the best position to succeed.  The problem was that the 4 day event is extremely expensive and I was unable to afford the registration fee myself.  The Academic Foundation provided me the opportunity to attend and this gave my students the best possible chance for success the following year.

With the more precise information I gained at the summer clinic, I was able to describe what the changes to the test actually were and how to satisfy the new expectations and requirements.  Armed with a greater understanding of the exam, Columbine’s AP World History students earned an 82% pass-rate (93 students) when the global pass-rate was 55%.  Without the support of the Academic Foundation these kids would not have been able to achieve what they did.  Thank you!”