Grant Recipient: CHS World Geography Team

Mr. Daly teaches mapping skills to his 9th grade World Geography class

Sam Daly is a Social Studies Teacher at Columbine High School.  Sam and his Geography colleagues received a grant for laminated desktop maps that can be manipulated by students.

Mr. Sam Daly

“Our World Geography team at CHS recently received a grant for laminated desktop maps to offer individual hands-on experience for students in learning important mapping strategies such as latitude and longitude. While these maps may not be the latest development in technology, they offer a tactile approach to learning important concepts of geography, such as absolute location, in a way computers cannot. The aging atlas books we have been using for years have become tattered and are difficult for students to read. These maps will allow each student to draw, mark, and trace over lines of latitude and longitude with dry erase markers and clear them off for the next student for years to come.

Without the help of the Academic Foundation we would not be able to provide the individualized experience of learning these critical mapping techniques for students to understand direction, spacial awareness, and global orientation. We cannot overstate the impact of this simple but far reaching tool for every Geography student to experience success over the course of our class.”